In 2007 we went to PawsAbilities (weekend dog festival in Harrisburg, PA) to see a Fly Ball demonstration and stumbled upon DockDiving. We were so drawn by the excitement and the obviously happy dogs that we sat and cheered them on almost missing the demonstration for Fly Ball.

My best buddy, Leo, is a yellow Lab who at that time was reaching 6 years of age. We signed up for Fly Ball but realized that due to back problems I couldn't continue with the tug of war you do at the end of the race. I went searching to find a local DockDiving club.

After considerable research and planning we created a regulation pond complete with the Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical equipment. We have a lovely 55' x 90' pond with a 40' dock and a fabulous view of the Hellam valley. Loving the sport I get excited to see others learn and grow into mastering DockDiving, Speed Retrieve, and Extreme Vertical.

Now as for my Leo and our "Team Barkleo," well, lets say we loved to have fun! If we only knew about DockDiving when we were younger...we would have blossomed!   


Barkby Plungers