Lure Coursing Rules and Regulations

Everyone is Required to adhere to, so Lure Chasing at Barkby Plungers remains fun and safe for everyone.

1. No dogs that are aggressive towards PEOPLE will be allowed on the premises. Period.  Any dogs displaying aggression towards people will be asked to leave (with no refund)  

2. Aggressive dogs are allowed, but you must be capable of controlling your dog.

3. All dogs must be kept under control.  Do not let dogs go “nose to nose” unless both handlers consent.  4 foot lead, 8 feet apart is always a safe rule.

4. All dogs must be on leash at all times when they are not running the course.

5. There are no refunds once your dog enters the field-even if they don’t want to run.  We will,try a few techniques to get your dog interested in the lure.

6. A signed waiver must be presented before your dog can run.  They are available at check-in/registration.

7. Clean up after your dog.

8. If you bring children, please keep them under control. Do not let them pet other dogs with out permission from owner.

9. Porta Potty is on premises.

10. Properly care for your dog.  This includes housing, water, warm-up and cooling-down.

11. Barkby Plungers is a non-competitive environment.  Everyone present shall conduct themselves in a professional, considerate, and sportsmanlike manner.

FURTHERMORE- Barkby Plungers reserves the right to stop or limit any dog’s participation due to age, body condition, lameness, limitations,temperament, weather conditions, or any other factor that could affect the safety of the dog, other participating dogs, or spectators.